Published works

Published Works

Much of my flute music is published by Tetractys.

For more details go to the Tetractys website on this page

Electronics Downloads for works published by Tetractys

This page provides the electronic files which accompany pieces published by Tetractys.

Click on the relevant link and you will download a password protected .zip file with all the necessary materials .

download A Memory of Spring (91.3 MB) here.

download Moss Garden (43.9 MB) here.

download Night Crossing (42 MB) here.

download Summer Song (103.3 MB) here.

download Threnody (96.7 MB) here.

Open the file with an unarchiving utility such as Stuffit or WinZip and you will be prompted to enter the password supplied by Tetractys.

To get the relevant password please email Tetractys directly at: